I'm Ryan, a student at Northeastern University. I build useful and intuitive software that makes an impact on peoples' lives.



Software Engineering Intern

  • 📅 May-Aug 2020
  • 📅 May-Aug 2021
I've done two internships with Facebook - one with Facebook AI Research and one working on the Creator Studio product. With FAIR, I built a block-based web programming interface (think MIT's Scratch) for programming a bot directly. The work was presented at ICRA 2021.


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Software Engineering Co-op

  • 📅 Jan-May 2020
I worked as a co-op on the Curiosity rover team, doing data visualization and contributing to flight software for the rover. I worked out of the lab facility in Pasadena, CA. I can't talk a lot about my work but it involved web development and firmware programming.

student organization

Sandbox at Northeastern

Executive Director & Co-founder

  • 📅 Oct 2018-Present
I lead vision and growth for Sandbox, a new software consulting organization that I founded with two friends at Northeastern. We employ modern software deveopment practices to build impactful software for academic researchers. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning how to effectively scale an organization like Sandbox, which has gone from three members and one project to twenty-five members and six projects in just about a year. I also lead a team of Sandbox developers in construction of a web application for psychology research.


Paperless Parts

Software Engineering Co-op

  • 📅 Jan-Aug 2019
I worked full-time as a software engineer, developing robust solutions to product requests in Python (Django) as well as JavaScript (React/Redux). I was also responsible for upgrading our QA processes; as part of this, I integrated Selenium into our CI service and wrote some starter tests, providing documentation and a company-wide tech talk to ensure longevity of the solution. Finally, I rewrote our frontend build with Webpack, increasing build performance by over 60% and decreasing bundle size.



  • 🏆 UI/UX Award @ HackDartmouth
I designed and implemented the frontend for a web application that allows Northeastern students to view course evaluation data in an intuitive and useful way.


Predictive Affect

  • ❗️No demo available (sensitive content)
I led a team of developers in building a web application for a psychology researcher. I added a build system using Webpack and modified an open-source library for our use case.

open-source software

Webpack Chunk Truncation

I wrote a new feature into Webpack in my spare time to alleviate a pain point my team was having at work. I also wrote documentation to cover this feature.


Sandbox Website

    I led the design and development of the main website for Sandbox, a software consulting student organization at Northeastern University.
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    I study computer science at Northeastern University in Boston. I'm currently in my final semester, and I start full-time at Facebook in NYC next spring as a software engineer. At Northeastern, I founded and currently spend most of my time leading Sandbox, a software consulting student organization that builds software for academia.
    When I'm not working on school or Sandbox, I'm an avid open-source contributor, and I've written code for projects like Webpack and GatsbyJS. I'm interested in music, fiction, and engineering better lives for humans.